Opportunities Interactive Cover

Premier is changing the way students uncover and interact with educational information.

This new interactive cover leads to a valuable website focused on how personality traits can help drive students’ career exploration. Students can interact with this technology and discuss their future. The quizzes can help students explore possible career paths. Just scan the front cover with your iPhone, iPad or Android device!*

Cover Type: Front
Grade Levels: Primary
Color Options: 4-color
Sizes: 5" x 8"
7" x 9"
8.5" x 11"
Material: Polyice
How to use:

1. Download Layar app
2. Scan front of cover
3. Tap one of the four quadrants of the cover to go to the quiz for that category
4. Take the career quiz
5. Tap a career title to watch a short video about that topic

Now students can identify their own strengths to determine what career path is right for them!

* App works with iPhone, iPad or Android 3G 4G.


Q: What is Layar?

A: Layar is an exciting technology app that makes printed pieces come alive through the use of a smartphone or tablet device.

What can I expect?

When a user scans the Opportunities cover with their iPhone, iPad or Android device the built-in software automatically recognizes the page data. The user will immediately see the scan lines that indicate this recognition. Then, the items on the cover with immediately come to life as touchable digital illustrations. We will feature a careers quiz as well as videos about careers and college education.

Q: What do I need to scan?

A: Any image of the Opportunity cover works. This includes all printed versions, regardless of the material it is printed on and all electronic versions, including the image found in emails or webpages (in fact the image shown above can be scanned!).

Q: I don’t have a smartphone. How can I take the quizzes?

A: Find the personality trait that fits you best below and take the quiz! Make the following links to each personality trait quiz.