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Preparing Your Planner Materials


Download this pdf for useful information to help you create a custom planner that will make you proud.

Purchase Order Waiver

We understand that your district requires a purchase order before your planners can be delivered. For this reason, we cannot send your order to be printed until we receive a copy of the purchase order.
If a purchase order is not required because you have alternative funding, such as PTA/PTSO, student government, etc., please let us know immediately by contacting our customer service department at 800-447-2034


Follow these steps to mail your materials:

Step 1: Print Your Materials

You will need to create a laser printed copy of your handbook or cover materials, and mail it to Premier so it arrives before your order's Material Due Date.

IMPORTANT: To ensure your handbook or cover is printed correctly, your materials should be created with the provided templates.

IMPORTANT: Your materials need to arrive at Premier before your order's Material Due Date



Step 2: Print and Review Your Materials

Print a hardcopy of your handbook materials from a laser printer. Please review your handbook or cover for quality and accuracy. They will be printed exactly as received.

Handbook Review Checklist:

  • Check all dates in your handbook to make sure they are the correct year.
  • Ensure that the text in your handbook flows from page to page properly.
  • Ensure that the fonts, text, and graphics in your handbook display correctly.
  • Check for proper spelling in your handbook.
  • Check the handbook's table of contents or index to ensure that listed page numbers correspond with the appropriate page in the handbook.



Step 3: Mail Your Materials to Premier

IMPORTANT: Your materials need to arrive at Premier before your orders's Materials Due Date to meet your requested shipping date.

Please mail your materials to:

400 Sequoia Drive, Suite 200
Bellingham, WA 98226

Thank you! We will be waiting for your materials.