Legacy Planner

Keeping Educators Organized and Inspired

Engaged teachers perform and achieve educational goals better than colleagues with burnout symptoms.

Inspired educators leave a legacy, and student achievement excels.

  • Provides tips for how educators can better organize their classrooms and introduce organizational topics to students.
  • Helps educators stay a step ahead in managing time at school and at home.
  • Makes planning convenient and efficient, while offering encouraging quotes for reflection.

Legacy Planners for Educators

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Practical, concrete suggestions help teachers reinforce planning and manage their classrooms.

Table of Contents

  • Aug: The Value of Skill Systems
  • Sep: Family Support = Success
  • Oct: Setting Up for Success
  • Nov: Organization Is Effective
  • Dec: It’s Just a Matter of Time
  • Jan: Planning Skills and Benefits
  • Feb: Self-Regulation/Awareness
  • Mar: Why Goal-Setting Matters
  • Apr: Plan to Problem-Solve
  • May: Thinking About Thinking
  • Jun: Why and How ? Teaching Skills
  • Jul: Times Are Changing
  • Aug: College and Career Readiness


Code: LEPT-M7
Size: 7" x 9"
Page Count: 168
Start Date: Jul. 5, 2014
End Date: Aug. 30, 2015
Layout Format: Matrix

Keeping Educators Organized and Inspiried

Effective modeling.

Planning is important for students and educators. Ensure educators are equipped with similar tools that help them stay organized. When students see an educator using a planner, students are able to understand how to apply daily planning.


Setting and achieving goals is an important part of planning. Setting goals can be implemented in small and large steps by setting daily, weekly, monthly or long-term goals to help stay focused on what's important and ensure goals are accomplished. This is not only effective, it provides a sense of accomplishment—and that feels good.

Time management.

Provide educators with a tool to help them take a first step in planning—record to-dos, plan time to accomplish tasks and capture important dates. Useful onTRAC® prompts help ensure planning is easy and simple: Think, Record, Act and Check (TRAC).


A resource guide, weekly inspirational quotes, monthly themes and tips all help keep educators motivated and focused.

Online Educator Support: PremierCampus.schoolspecialty.com

Numerous teacher forms housed online provide quick reference and print-ready duplication.

What's Included

Every Legacy planner includes these features:

  • onTRAC®: These intuitive planning prompts assist educators in setting goals, planning and tracking progress. The prompts are placed on the planning pages as reminders to: Think, Record, Act and Check (TRAC), while providing space to accomplish these tasks. A planning guide about how to use these prompts is also included.
  • Weekly calendars: The vertical planning pages provide space for an entire day of planning, allowing professionals to utilize the planner in their personal lives.
  • Monthly calendars: The monthly calendars allow big-picture planning, easy date references and space for setting goals—both professionally and personally.
  • Resource guide: A resource of inspiration and motivation, this guide helps educators remain effective in their jobs. Covering topics such as the 12 characteristics of master teachers, effective classroom management and teaching tips, the guide also includes pages for notes, a personal directory, a web site tracker and a communication log.
  • Portfolio: An attractive, black portfolio holds everything in one place. The portfolio is reusable year-after-year so you can purchase refills in subsequent years.