Help students transport homework assignments, parent and teacher reminders, and other loose papers safely from school to home and back.

Available as stock or custom.



With five creative, age-specific designs to choose from, our student folders accommodate a wide range of age groups.

Choose a folder that fits your needs.



Take pride in the USA! This red, white and blue design is sure to create a spirit of patriotism at your school. Inside pockets feature "To Home" and "To School" reminders; the outside back displays the US Map.

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Encourage students to explore their future in science, technology, engineering, art and math. Inside pockets feature "To Home" and "To School" reminders; the outside back offers families tips for talking to your child's teacher.

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Artistically printed on the cover are character traits that primary students are developing—trust, caring, respect, loyalty, and friendship. Inside pockets feature "To Home" and "To School" reminders; the outside back cover offers easy-to-recall, quick reference resources to support learning.

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(Available only as a stock folder, no customization)

Encourage students to recognize their place as citizens in the world. The inside pockets feature onTRAC®, the innovative and intuitive planning tool that helps students accomplish their goals. The back-cover resources feature tools that will help students make the most of their time, such as study and test-taking skills.

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Edgy artwork engages students so that they want to carry and use this folder. Inside pockets allow students to take home or bring to school important papers. Inside features features tips about how to use the folder. The back-cover presents valuable communication and success tips.

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Premier quality.

Made of high-quality paper with protective UV coating and double-reinforced pockets, these folders are definately durable!

  • Five stock covers to choose from: Full Steam Ahead, Celebrate America, Character Grows, World, Do
  • Size: 9 ½" x 11 ⅝ "
  • Capacity: 8 ½" x 11" and 4 ½"-deep pockets
  • Optional customization: Space to print the school handbook or other valuable information: 7.75" x 6.5"
  • Reinforced sides and pockets
  • Optional three-hole punch
  • Optional lamination coating


Improve communication between home and school.

Especially in primary and elementary groups, having a dedicated location for important documents helps students involve their parents and families in their education.

Encourage pride in workmanship.

Students gain a tremendous amount of respect for their own work when they realize it is worth protecting, keeping track of and presenting.

Satisfy school requirements.

Every student needs a copy of the school's handbook. Provide an organizational solution that includes carrying the school rules with you everyday, according to Merriam. No excuses!

Develop essential planning skills.

With more resources and distractions than ever before (Internet, social media, cell phones, etc.), the need for students to learn planning skills is increasingly more apparent. Folders are a simple, yet effective method for laying that groundwork.

Make it your own.

Include the school name and specific information that will help students understand the culture of the school. 

Reinforce usage adoption with edgy, engaging artwork.

Put simply, these folders are just cool enough to get used. Why go anywhere else? Premier is dedicated to helping educators engage and inspire students of all ages and abilities to learn. That means supporting you with Premier-quality, student development tools and strategies, from planners for educators and students to online support and folders.


Make It Your Own

Incorporate your school name front and center, right on the cover! Then choose to use the ample space on the inside panels to display your school's student handbook, school pride and culture, message to parents, sports calendars, or even a sponsorship ad to offset costs.

Important School Information.

Include school-specific information that informs students about school culture and regulations. Let our easy-to-use templates guide you in submission of your material. Find Folder Handbook Templates here.


Add an optional three-hole punch or lamination coating. Additional charges apply.