Premier Esteem

Reinforce Positive Behavior

Addresses the Whole Child to improve student’s social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development so teaching and learning can occur.


Esteem - Primary School

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The Esteem Primary planner guides students to tie their thoughts and feelings to behaviors, and to learn to develop healthy and safe routines. Developing social- and self-awareness early helps prepare young students to express, understand, and respond to new emotions and experiences they face throughout their academic years.



Code: ESTP-B10
Size: 8” x 10"
Page Count: 144
Start Date: July 31, 2017
End Date: July 1, 2018
Weekly Format: Block
Monthly Calendars: Aug-July


Esteem - Elementary School

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The Esteem Elementary planner prompts students to apply what they’ve learned about themselves to what they understand about others and the world around them. Students explore how their thoughts, feelings, friendships, and health contribute to their overall success as a student, friend, son or daughter, and citizen. As students are introduced to the principles of empathy, communication, and cooperation, their ability to build positive and collaborative relationships with peers and mentors increases.



Code: ESTE-M10
Size: 8" x 10"
Page Count: 144
Start Date: July 31, 2017
End Date: July 1, 2018
Weekly Format: Matrix
Monthly Calendars: Aug-July


Esteem - Middle School

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Through self-directed activities within the Esteem Middle planner, students gain a greater sense of their personal strengths, values, and interests, helping them to understand their self-worth. By developing this self-confidence, students are able to practice self-regulation techniques that enable them to communicate respectfully, deal with conflict non-violently, and responsibly confront peer pressures and stressors.



Code: ESTM-M10
Size: 8" x 10"
Page Count: 144
Start Date: July 31, 2017
End Date: July 1, 2018
Weekly Format: Matrix
Monthly Calendars: Aug-July


Esteem -High School

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The Esteem High planner supports students’ learning to become critical, creative, and analytical thinkers. Students develop a strong understanding of who they are and how their relationships, intellectual proficiency, and character prepare them for the new challenges and adventures awaiting them beyond high school. This awareness equips them to navigate increased responsibilities, take accountability, and make decisions to help them achieve their personal and academic goals.



Code: ESTH-B5
Size: 5" x 8"
Page Count: 168
Start Date: July 31, 2017
End Date: July 1, 2018
Weekly Format:Block
Monthly Calendars: Aug-July


Esteem Planners Include these Key Features

  • Discovery Guide helps students to explore their personal potential, identify their learning style, strengths and weaknesses.
  • Monthly Character words build vocabulary and understanding of positive and emotional principles necessary to develop good character.
  • Interactive activities provide self-directed opportunities for students to understand how to apply the monthly theme in their day to day lives.
  • Self-reflections promote critical thinking and self-awareness by asking students to evaluate their personal and emotional responses to various scenarios.
  • Social science experiments encourage students to explore learning by observing and testing human behavior in the world around them to assess the outcome.
  • Family Connection (P-E-M) and Social Connection (H), connect learning to home life and the community, encouraging students to involve and recognize the importance of these valuable support networks.

Plus all the standard features available in all Premier onTRAC Planners

  • onTRAC Planning System — click here for more information
    • Goal Setting Space
    • Homework Recording Space
    • After-School Schedule Space
    • Behavior Rating
  • User Guide - How to use your Planner
  • Weather Tracker (P)
  • Word / Spelling List (P-E)
  • Daily Reading Tracker (P-E)
  • Book Suggestion (P-E-M)
  • Best Book Area/ Read-Me (P-E-M)
  • Home-School Communication Areas (P-E-M)
  • Vocabulary Words & Definitions (P-E-M-H)
  • Resource Pages specific to each grade level (P-E-M-H)
  • Subject headers (E-M)
  • Daily Hall Pass (M-Matrix)


  • Creates a positive environment for learning and growth where students feel physically and emotionally safe
  • Influences behavioral change through social and emotional learning and selfdiscovery
  • Equips students with core competencies essential for 21st Century Learning

What's Included

Premier planners include helpful sections beyond planning pages.


Provides an introduction to the key page features highlighted throughout the student planner.


Introduces students to the four simple steps of the onTRAC® Planning Process, teaching them how to Think, Record, Act and Check for planning and time-management success.


Provides students an introduction to the social–emotional learning themes explored throughout the Esteem planner.


Included in the Primary edition.


Gives students a handy reference for quick academic reminders on math, language arts, science, and more! Resource pages are provided by grade level P-E-M-H. Find out more.


August through July planning (July 31, 2017 – July 1, 2018) with full-page calendars for monthly and weekly planning. Monthly Calendars allow students to make longer-term goals and plans. A new theme is introduced at the start of the month and then reinforced throughout the weekly pages. The weekly calendars allow for day-to-day planning of tests, assignments, and projects and encourage applicable, put-into-practice information based on each monthly theme.


Select a cover that meets the needs of your school, View our extensive library of free covers



This program empowers all stakeholders—administrators, educators, staff and family members—to take a stand against bullying. Participants learn how a unified approach can help all members of the school community address bullying and build a positive school culture

For Administrators

Administrator Quick Start
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School Climate Survey
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For Families

Program Overview
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Education Support Professionals

Program Overview
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Teacher Guide with Lesson Plans

Program Overview
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Esteem Monthly Themes

  • AUGUST: Physical Health: Forming Healthy Habits
  • SEPTEMBER: Emotional Health: Respecting Your Feelings
  • OCTOBER: Safety: Knowing Your Rights And Responsibilities
  • NOVEMBER: Social Awareness: Learning To Walk In Other’s Shoes
  • DECEMBER: Relationships: Building Kind And Caring Friendships
  • JANUARY: Collaboration: Exploring The Power Of Teamwork
  • FEBRUARY: Communication: Speaking And Listening Fairly
  • MARCH: Self-Regulation: Learning To Manage Stress
  • APRIL: Problem-Solving: Being A Critical And Cooperative Thinker
  • MAY: Self-Awareness: Knowing Your Value And Worth
  • JUNE: Goals & Decision-Making: Creating A Plan For Your Personal Success

Fully Supported Solutions

Advance the goals of your Esteem planner and elevate the programs effectiveness. Included with planner purchase:

Teacher Guide

Implement student planner content into the classroom. The new Teacher Guide provides an introduction to your Esteem Planner Program, a step by step implementation outline, an overview of the monthly themes, and monthly tips to extend social and emotional learning.

Planner Scope & Sequence

To help with your planning process, the Scope & Sequence provides an overview of the planner’s monthly themes, learning outcomes, and weekly content focus.

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Family Newsletter

Provide parents and guardians with an orientation to the valuable content that’s in their child’s planners. A quick one-page letter introduces families to the planner’s monthly themes and unique features.

✓ Easy to access, find, and use
✓ Flexible to fit seamlessly into your teaching day
✓ Ready-made, effortless, and instant instruction options
✓ Simple, straightforward, and easy to implement

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Make It Your Own

Planners are great tools for your students, but why not have them work a little harder for you. Customize them with your school's information, and use them as a continual communication piece between administrators, teachers and students.

School Handbook:

The most efficient and cost-effective way to communicate school policies, schedules and events is to add your important school information into your planners. Learn more about school handbooks.

Extended Resource Pages:

Add additional academic resources to your handbook. Choose from more than 100 resource pages. Our extensive library of helpful content and reference pages can assist students in a number of subject areas. View our complete library of Extended Resource pages.

Content Supplements:

Put a spotlight on important issues relevant to your school by choosing from our vast library of supplements. Advance school priorities with supplemental student materials and activities on such topics as anti-bullying, character, study skills and financial planning. Learn more about our Premier Supplements


Design your own cover that reflects school spirit, or choose from one of our templates that align with the goals you've established for your school. Incorporate your school name front and center, right on the cover! Learn more about Premier covers.


Add a few more features to make your planners truly inspiring to students. Planning stickers, pagefinders, trackable hall passes, planner tabs, student ID/CD/Home-School pouches, two-hole ruler attachments – choose the enhancements that raise the cool factor. Learn more about Premier enhancements.