Foundations: The 7 Habits® Planner

Develop Habits of Success

Improve students' personal and interpersonal skills using the timeless principles from Sean Covey's best-selling book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens.


Foundations - Primary School

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At the primary level, the goal is to introduce students to The 7 Habits® and to help them build awareness and vocabulary that enables them to apply the concepts to themselves and their own lives.



Size: 8" x 10"
Page Count: 160
Start Date: 7/29/19
End Date: 6/28/20
Weekly Format: Block
Monthly Calendars: August-July


Foundations - Elementary School

*Block layout shown, see Demo for Matrix layout

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Using The 7 Habits® as a foundation, elementary students are taught to become more aware of how they can impact their own environment–through the choices they make, how they approach a specific situation, and how their attitude proceeds their actions.



Size: 8" x 10"
Page Count: 160
Start Date: 7/29/19
End Date: 6/28/20
Weekly Format: Block, Matrix
Monthly Calendars: August-July


Foundations - Middle School

*Matrix layout shown, see Demo for Block layout

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The planner helps middle-school students understand that building a support system starts with being true to themselves, and then extends to building strong relationships with others.



Size: 8" x 10"
Page Count: 160
Start Date: 7/29/19
End Date: 6/28/20
Weekly Format: Block, Matrix
Monthly Calendars: August-July


Foundations - High School

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High school brings new challenges to students, and The 7 Habits® help students organize and stay on top of their changing lives. The planner helps students build confidence, take responsibility, and become self-directed learners.



Size: 5" x 8"
Page Count: 168
Start Date: 7/29/19
End Date: 6/28/20
Weekly Format: Block
Monthly Calendars: August-July


Foundations Planners Key Features & Benefits

    • Increases students’ personal potential through planning
    • Empowers students to improve their futures through positive change and personal choice
    • Helps students define and work toward their personal mission and life goals


  • The 7 Habits® Learning Guide: Explore the founding principles of The 7 Habits® through hands-on activities that apply The 7 Habits® to life, and identify ways short- and long-term planning develop the Private Victory®, Public Victory®, and Renewal.
  • Monthly Character Words: Promote vocabulary and understanding necessary for the development of good character.
  • Weekly Student Tips: Strengthen the four key dimensions of life, as referenced in The 7 Habits®: brain breaks (brain dimension), relationship tips (heart dimension), mindfulness activities (soul dimension), and health tips (body dimension).
  • Fun Facts: Discover interesting weekly facts related to S.T.E.A.M. (science, technology, engineering, art, math).
  • Family Connection (P-E-M) and Life Connection (H): Link learning to home life and the community to reinforce the importance of these valuable support networks.
  • Built-In Features: Use built-in page features to support primary and elementary readers, and middle- and high-school students as they create long-term plans.
  • Design: Interact with the planner’s functional layout through energizing color and graphics.

Plus all the standard features available in Premier onTRAC® Planners

  • onTRAC® Planning Process instructs students in the value of planning and of being a self-directed learner
    • Goal-Setting Space
    • Homework-Recording Space
    • Self-Evaluation Question
  • Planner User Guide and onTRAC® Planning Process Pages
  • Family-Involvement Activities (P-E-M)
  • Vocabulary Words & Definitions (P-E-M-H)
  • Home-School Communication Areas (P-E-M)
  • Level-Specific Resource Pages (P-E-M-H)

For Younger Students (P/E)

  • Reading Goal Worksheet
  • Weather Icons (P)
  • Words / Spelling List
  • Daily Reading Log
  • Monthly Special Events Area **NEW

For Older Students (M/H)

  • Long-Term Goals Worksheet
  • Weekly Hall Pass
  • Best Book (M)
  • Monthly Mini-Calendar
  • Long-Term Project Planning Area
  • Materials-to-Bring-Home Space (M)
  • After-School Planning Space (H)

What's Included

Premier planners include helpful sections beyond planning pages.


Provides an introduction to the key page features highlighted throughout the student planner.


Introduces students to the four simple steps of the onTRAC® Planning Process, teaching them how to Think, Record, Act and Check for planning and time-management success.


Introduces students to the key concepts within The 7 Habits® (personal responsibility, prioritization, goal-setting, and time management) and connects these to the planning topics throughout the planner.


New! Level specific, handy reference pages provide students easy access to academic reminders on math, language arts, science, and more! Resource pages are available for P-E-M-H. Find out more.


August through July calendars for monthly and weekly planning. Monthly Calendars allow students to make longer-term goals and plans. The weekly calendars allow for day-to-day planning of tests, assignments, and projects and encourage goal-setting and self-reflection.


Select a cover that meets the needs of your school. View our extensive library of free covers


The 7 Habits® Learning Guide Themes

  • Be Proactive®
  • Begin With The End In Mind®
  • Put First Things First®
  • Think Win-Win®
  • Seek First To Understand, Then to Be Understood®
  • Synergize®
  • Sharpen The Saw®

Fully Supported Solutions

Advance the goals of your Foundations planner and elevate the program's effectiveness. Included with planner purchase:

Teacher Guide

This guide supports classroom implementation of The 7 Habits® content within the Foundations planner. The The Teacher Guide provides an introduction to your Foundations Planner Program, a step-by-step implementation outline, an overview of the themes, and tips to help students increase their personal potential through planning.

To enhance class planning, the Scope & Sequence provides an overview of themes within both The 7 Habits® Learning Guide and the monthly planner pages together with learning outcomes.

Download PDF

Family Newsletter

Provide parents and guardians with an orientation to the valuable content within the student planner. A quick one-page letter introduces families to the planner’s monthly themes and unique features.

✓ Easy to access, find, and use
✓ Flexible to fit seamlessly into your teaching day
✓ Ready-made, effortless, and instant instruction options
✓ Simple, straightforward, and easy to implement

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Make It Your Own

Customize your student planners and agendas with your school’s information, and improve communication between administrators, teachers, students and families.

School Handbook:

The most efficient and cost-effective way to communicate school policies, schedules and events is to add your important school information into your planners. Learn more about school handbooks.

Extended Resource Pages:

Add additional academic resources to your handbook. Choose from more than 100 resource pages. Our extensive library of helpful content and reference pages can assist students in a number of subject areas. View our complete library of Extended Resource pages.


Design your own cover that reflects school spirit, or choose from one of our templates that align with the goals you've established for your school. Incorporate your school name front and center, right on the cover! Learn more about Premier covers.


Add a few more features to make your planners truly inspiring to students. Planning stickers, pagefinders, trackable hall passes, planner tabs, media or Home-School pouches, two-hole ruler attachments – choose the enhancements that raise the cool factor. Learn more about Premier enhancements.