Hammond & Stephens™ Undated

Hammond™ and StephensHammond and Stephens Undated

Undated for Maximum Flexibility

An effective assignment notebook recording tool, and homework tracker. Purchase extra any time of the year and keep them in stock.


Weekly Formats

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Weekly formats feature planning areas spread across two pages to provide a weekly overview and reduce the thickness of a school-year planning tool.

Customization Options:

Include your handbook and select a cover! See the Customize tab above for more details.


Daily Formats

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Daily formats feature a day of planning for each page, providing maximum planning space.

Customization Options:

Include your handbook and select a cover! See the Customize tab above for more details.


Take a Closer Look

Hammond & Stephens® Undated Planners Include these Key Features:

  • Planner User Guide
  • Upfront resource section
  • Family/ Teacher Communication area
  • Two formats Weekly or Daily


  • Clean, crisp layouts for students who have difficulty organizing time and information
  • A homework recording tool supports communication between home and school
  • Undated format planners are cost effective and don't expire. These planners accommodate any schedule. Without set dates, you can start using one any day of the year without wasting any pages.

Make It Your Own

Customize your student planners and agendas with your school’s information, and improve communication between administrators, teachers, students and families.

School Handbook:

The most efficient and cost-effective way to communicate school policies, schedules and events is to add your important school information right into your planners. Learn more about school handbooks.

Extended Resource Pages:

Add additional academic resources to your handbook. Choose from more than 100 resource pages. Our extensive library of helpful content and reference pages can assist students in a number of subject areas. View our complete library of Extended Resource pages.


Design your own cover that reflects school spirit, or choose from one of our templates that align with the goals you've established for your school. Incorporate your school name front and center, right on the cover! Learn more about Premier covers.


Add a few more features to make your planners truly inspiring to students. Planning stickers, pagefinders, trackable hall passes, and Media /Home-School pouches are available on the 8" x10" Undated Planner. Pagefinders and trackable hall passes are available on the Undated 7"x 11" planners. Learn more about Premier enhancements.